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About the Project

EDUEVAL is a project of LLP-Grundtvig Program with the main goal to improve knowledge and awareness in the adult education system looking at the evaluation as a critical part of the system, in order to:

• explore systems and practices of evaluation of the adult education staff, promoting the definition of a European profile of the evaluator profession.

• improve adult education systems, thanks to the development and transfer of innovation and good practices, through the exchange and dissemination of experiences and concrete results;

• contribute to the development of quality lifelong learning, promoting an European awareness within adult education systems and practices regarding the role of the evaluation for the professional development of adult education staff.

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University of Bari
Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna im. Janusza Korczaka w Warszawie
University of Milano-Bicocca
Universitat Jaume I
TEI of Crete


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