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To summarize, the main aim of this project is to improve knowledge and awareness in the adult education system looking at the evaluation as a critical part of it.
To reach these purpose, the project aims at developing:

a mobility workshop that will be the occasion to share theories and practices about the evaluation of the adult education staff between practitioners and researchers, in order to build a collaborative knowledge.

an Handbook that will summarize the theoretical background and its practical implications in providing evaluation methods for adult education staff.

a curriculum for the initial training of the professionals involved in the evaluation of adult education staff, in order to promote the wellbeing, quality and productivity of those who work in the adult education field, preventing and facing their risk of burn-out and occupational diseases.

elaborating the wiki – collective work group oriented to share ideas and practices between social and educational professionals and consortium partners, in order to develop cooperation between academic researchers and practitioners engaged in the evaluation of adult education staff.

elaborating guidance and counseling tools and methods for the evaluation of adult education staff.

Attached documents:

Guidelines Brochure

Guidelines Extended version

Public Mobility Report

Public Research Report

Public Pilot Training Course Report

Practitioners Publication

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