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The evaluation is a critical issue for the adult education policies; in fact, important investments have been done at an European level in order to ensure the high quality of the adult education system. At the same time, the evaluation is strictly connected with the professional development of the professionals involved in the adult education staff (e.g. trainers, educators, social workers).

In this specific framework, EDUEVAL project aims at defining the professional profile of the evaluator of adult education staff. EDUEVAL project will contribute to the promotion of an European culture of the evaluation in the adult education system, taking into account the specific differences between the fields of intervention and the expertise related to adult education. At the same time, EDUEVAL project will draw some guidelines that can be helpful to both professionals and policy makers of the adult education system.

Moreover, EDUEVAL project will offer a new methodology in the field of adult education, based on a collaborative approach for the construction of knowledge that moved from the importance of a cooperation between holders of practical knowledge (professionals of the adult education staff) and holders of theoretical knowledge (academic researchers), in order to develop evaluation strategies able to be efficient (considering the realistic context and needs of the staff) and innovative (to overtake the state of art, addressing new challenges).

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